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Go through the main door, take a left, and you’ll enter the fellowship hall/dining room/whatever-they-call-it at the Baptist Campus Ministry.

It’s one of my favorite places on the planet.

There I’ve laughed with scores of friends and learned from dozens of Bible studies. In that room in September 1985 I first saw the girl wearing that white shirt with pink polka dots. And that room in July 1989 we held our wedding rehearsal dinner. 

Melissa and I were back in that room in July 2009 for the reunion of 100 BCM alumni from the 1980s. And I’ve been in that room dozens of times since returning to Alabama as a journalism professor, and as a member of the Tuscaloosa Baptist Association committee that helps advise the BCM. Each time there I see the newest generation of students – including some whose mommas and daddies were students there with me – making friends for life as they discover their call from Christ.

That room’s memories are made for each generation of students because of offerings from Southern Baptists statewide, and from fellow alumni who want to share their time, resources, prayers and memories. Please spare a moment to complete the form here or join our Facebook group, so you can share your memories and we can keep you updated with news.

Chris Roberts

Class of 1987 and 1990

Assistant professor

Department of Journalism


On February 27, 2016 a group of alumni from the 1970's met at the BCM for an afternoon of reminiscing, catching up, and lots of laughter.

If you would like to organize a reunion for your generation at the BCM, please contact the BCM Office at 205-345-3983.