BCM Staff

Our campus ministers are State Missionaries appointed to serve the campuses of The University of Alabama & Shelton State Community College by the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions.

  • Nate Young

    Senior Campus Minister

    I believe our Christian walk is a step followed by a process.  

    Christ invited me to take that step when I was 8 years old. It was enough and life was overall pretty good, until…college.

    In college, God used Baptist Campus Ministries (BCM) to show me that He wanted more for me and from me. Through BCM & my local church, He continued the process of conforming me into the image of Christ.  

    My college experience wasn’t perfect. I made some poor choices.

    Around my 2nd junior year :), I sensed God drawing me towards new & unexpected (and unwanted) opportunities. I found myself in leadership opportunities through BCM and local churches (I worked a lot of DNows and led worship). Eventually, I accepted His call to ministry.  

    I've been involved a lot of different ministries, but my favorite by far has been campus ministry. I am humbled to by the opportunity to lead and serve the ministry God used so significantly in my own life.  

    There’s a lot more to my story (I have a wonderful wife [Carrie] and two beautiful daughters [Cate & Abbie]), but I’d love to know yours.  

    Come see me or contact me – I’m always up for lunch or a coke or coffee.



  • Kim Andrews

    Campus Minister

    There's something special about serving on the college campus. I love so many things about my job. No two days are ever the same. I am steps away from one of the most beautiful campuses ever. I have opportunities to travel all over the world. I build relationships with students over large amounts of coffee. And I get the incredible privilege of watching students discover God's plan for their lives as they transition from a freshman away from home for the first time to the "real" world upon graduation.


    For me college was a time of tremendous spiritual growth. I started my freshmen year running from God's plan for me and ended it surrendered to that fact God has something completely different in mind. Through serving in my local church as a college student I was able to explore, discover and develop my gifts and passions. Using John 15:16a God confirmed for me that my calling would somehow involve mobilizing students to do missions. There are so many opportunities and college is absolutely the best time to go! Hint. Hint.

    Let's see... What else should you know about me? I have a dog named Gypsy. I collect elephants from around the world from my travels and those of our student missionaries. I think Mexican food is always better with a Dr. Pepper, and I often create awkward moments...sometimes on purpose.



  • Haley Stevenson

    Campus Ministry Intern

    Jesus has given us the command to go and share the Gospel to the ends of the earth. College was a turning point in my walk with Christ. I became a Christian at a young age, but it wasn’t until college that I saw the urgency in sharing that with more than just my immediate community. Coming to UA and being involved at the BCM helped open my eyes to a personal responsibility in sharing Christ with the world. This also made me realize how much I enjoy learning about other cultures.

    I graduated from UA in May 2015 with a degree in Communicative Disorders. I’m excited to be serving this year as campus ministry intern at my alma mater. My focus as intern will be primarily international ministry. 

    I am a tree climbing, music loving, food and coffee enthusiast who often day dreams about taking adventures to new places. If I could have one wish from a genie in a bottle, it would be to have lifetime free flights to anywhere in the world. If you were to find me in my natural habitat, I would likely have some yarn with me.  

    I really enjoy getting to know people through asking weird questions or just having good conversations. I am always up for hanging out and having coffee or grabbing lunch. Feel free to contact me; I would love to get to know you.

    Haley Stevenson


BCM Hosts

These guys live upstairs at the BCM and serve as BCM Hosts. Their responsibilities including cleaning the BCM and assisting the staff by serving behind the scenes in many ways.  Be sure to thank them when you see them! These guys faithfully clean up after us!  

2016-2017 Hosts:

Ethan McVay, Timothy Jones, and David Herder